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Embrace and Diagram

by Lyons, David, Peplow, John.

John Peplow and David Lyons, 2 performances using video, computer graphics


by Breuer, Peter, Merritt, Darrell, Samson, Peter, Tooey, Eryn.

A major production bringing together new musical direction, movement and writings with a dramatic visual scope. EAF Annual Report 1989


by Chorney, Michael.

Moshe Kedem, dance group,Flinders University, with Michael Chorney, James Curry


by Copping, Bruce.

Installation of decaying polystyrene wall, held outside Inhibodress

The Jungle

by Couros, Panos.

Darlinghurst Theatre Company

Hamlet by Marowitz


Flinders drama group, dir. Henry Salter, performance

Hamlet by Marowitz

by Salter, Henry .

Flinders drama group, dir. Henry Salter, performance

Ha Na 1985

by Suzuki, Akio , Wada, Junko.

Language of Fragments: An exhibition of Japanese drawing and videos October 1985 EAF Visiting artists: Junko Wada and Akio Suzuki Ha Na 1985: Performance, dance ...

Passengers in Overcoats

by Baxter, Virginia. All Out Ensemble.

Passengers in Overcoats by Gillian Jones theatre performance by Virginia Baxter


by Brisley, Stuart.

Stuart Brisley (UK) performance in Experimental Art Foundation basement 26 hour endurance piece; event videotaped in full by Jim Cowley, Barbara Provo, Bob Ramsey, Melanie ...

Performance Night

by Harris, Pam, Hubrechsen, Jan, Luke, Michelle, Petrusevics, Andrew, Stock, Andrew, Walwicz, Ania.

Performances by Pam Harris and Michele Luke; Ania Walwicz ('Father'); Jan Hubruchsen ('5000 years of Indian Motion Picture Music'); Andrew Stock ('A Small Section of ...