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Walter Mason
Also known as:
  • Walter George Mason
  • W. G. Mason
  • Artist (Cartoonist / Illustrator)
  • Artist (Painter)
  • Artist (Draughtsman)
  • Artist (Printmaker)
Birth date
8 February 1820
Birth place
Holloway, Middlesex, England, UK, Holloway, Middlesex (Greater London), England, UK
Birth note
(Greater London)
Death date
12 March 1866
Death place
Sydney, NSW
Burial place
Camperdown Cemetery (St Stephen's), Newtown, Sydney, NSW
Active Period
  • c.1820 - c.1866
  • 4 November 1852 (aboard the Windsor)
  • c.1820 - c.1829 Holloway, Middlesex, England, UK, Holloway, Middlesex (Greater London), England, UK
  • c.1863 Francis Street, Sydney, NSW
  • c.1852 - c.1866 East Sydney, NSW
  • c.1852 - c.1866 Woolloomooloo, Sydney, NSW
  • c.1839 - c.1852 London, England, UK
  • c.1829 - c.1839 United States of America
  • c.1829 - c.1839 Abraham Mason
  • c.1839 - c.1852 G. Bonner
  • English
Initial Record Data Source
  • The Dictionary of Australian Artists: painters, sketchers, photographers and engravers to 1870

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