Take a look at our Definitions page if you have encountered terms on the database you are unsure about.

1. Why are certain artists not on the site?
This database is by no means complete. One of the reasons we’re redeveloping the site is to make contributing content easier for individual researchers and to enable partner organisations to share their data with us.

2. How can I contact an artist listed on Design & Art Australia Online?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide contact details for artists listed on the site. However, if an artist is a DAAO contributor you can contact them directly via the details they provide in the contributor’s profile. If the artist you want to contact isn’t a member, try one of these directories or organisations:
a) Art Almanac
b) Art & Australia
c) Australian Art Collector
d) National Association for the Visual Arts
e) Copyright Agency Limited
f) Viscopy

3. Can I submit my own biography or the biography of a relative?
Please do! Just read the DAAO Contributor Guidelines

4. How do I submit a biography?
Become a member. Membership is free, we just need to know you aren’t a spambot. Our How To section contains loads of useful tips about contributing to the database.

5. Can I promote my show on your site?
No, sorry. DAAO is a research tool; promotion of upcoming events is not appropriate. However, you can list your exhibition history and include a link to your website, just make sure you read our Links Policy.

6. How do I update or make a correction to a biography?
Simply log in and click the 'edit’ button on the biography you wish to change. Just remember to check the Contributor Guidelines before you do this as we have a few rules regarding what you can and can’t edit.

7. Can I ask DAAO staff to make a correction for me?
While we are happy to answer questions and help you work through problems, the database is a user-driven resource. DAAO staff does not write or edit content for the site. We are a small team and our job is to maintain technical infrastructure and ensure the site is running smoothly.

8. What should I do if I have an issue with changes made to the content I have submitted?
As a member, you should familiarise yourself with the Contributor Guidelines in order to understand how your information is treated. The Talk Pages provide a forum for you to discuss your information with interested peers. If you have any questions you can always contact the administrator.

9. How does Design & Art Australia Online’s member community work?
Respectfully and collaboratively. See our Legal Notices for Terms of Use.

10. Why can’t I find biographies I know are in the Dictionary of Australian Artists (DAAO) or Heritage? I know these were your foundation texts.
These entries were penned by hundreds of different authors some time ago. We need to ask each author’s permission to republish their work but unfortunately we haven’t been able to locate all of them. If you know the author of a missing DAAO or Heritage biography, we would appreciate it if you could tell them to get in touch with us.