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William Kellett Baker
Also known as I. W. R.
  • Artist (Printmaker)
Other Occupation
  • Books, Prints and Stationery Dealer (ANZSIC code: 42)
  • Publisher (ANZSIC code: J)
  • Clerk to the Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals & Medical Board (ANZSIC code: 7291)
  • Engraver (ANZSIC code: 6924)
Birth date
Birth place
Dublin, Ireland
Death date
16 January 1857
Death place
Mount Vincent, Maitland, NSW
Burial place
St Peter's Old Burial Ground, East Maitland, NSW
Active Period
  • c.1835 - c.1857
  • 1835 (Arrived Sydney, NSW)
  • c.1857- Maitland, NSW
  • c.1851 - c.1853 Victoria
  • 1835 - 1851 New South Wales
  • c.1806 - c.1835 Dublin, Ireland
  • English
Initial Record Data Source
  • The Dictionary of Australian Artists: painters, sketchers, photographers and engravers to 1870

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