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von Mueller, Ferdinand, b. 1825
Victorian government botanist. Von Mueller took an interest in painting, sending his view of the Melbourne Botanical Gardens by Rasmiss to the 1869 Melbourne Public ...
Thatcher, Charles, b. 1831
19th century travelling songwriter and performer, use artworks in his performances
Abbott, Joseph Palmer, b. 1842
Abbott was the president of the Art Society of New South Wales (1895/96). It is unknown whether he was also a practising artist.
Burrows, Alfred Edward, b. 1853
senior partner of A.E. Burrows & Co, Melbourne Portrait Rooms, View Place, Sandhurst, Victoria, opposite the Survey Office.
Bailey, John Frederick, b. 1866
John Frederick Bailey was a botanist.
Ingleby, Bernard, b. 1878
His 1917 book 'Poems by Bernard Ingleby' dedicated, "To Jack Sommers Artist, Poet and Anzac."
Wilson, Dorothy Elspeth, b. 1878
Dorothy Elspeth Wilson (Mrs Richard Wardill) was a very talented bookbinder. In 1906 she invited a group of six decorative artists and together they decided ...
Christison, Mary M., b. 1881
Art student, author and anthropologist, was the daughter of Robert Christison of Lammermoor and photographer Mary Christison.
Barringer, Herbert Page, b. 1886
Member of South Australia's artistic Barringer family, Herbert was the brother of printmaker Ethel and the husband of painter Gwen.
Gellert, Leon, b. 1892
Leon Gellert was a poet and writer. He taught in Sydney at 1918 and later entered journalism, working with Sydney Ure Smith as an editor ...
Landau, Janek , b. 1899
Supplier of oregon and redwood timbers from his Annandale Timber and Moulding Co for several Seidler houses, including his own Landau House, Whale Beach, 1952. ...
Beatty, Bill , b. 1900
writer of the Bill Beatty (looks over Australia) AND Amazing Strange Unique and Astounding facts ILLUSTRATIONS BY HARRY WANN