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Cubism & Australian Art

by Cramer, Sue.

Cubism & Australian Art was a scholarly exhibition that demonstrated the links between international Cubism and Australian practitioners, both in Europe and Australia

Aspden, David, b. 1935
The largely self-taught painter, David Aspden, established his reputation in the 1960s by painting lyrically beautiful abstracts. In the context of the time, they were ...

by White, Anthony.

Oil on linen

The Field

by Coleing, Anthony John, Hickey, Dale, McGillick, Tony, Partos, Paul.

The Field was the first temporary exhibition in the newly opened National Gallery of Victoria building in St Kilda Road. Its curators, John Stringer and ...


by White, Anthony.

Le Pave D’Orsay presents a survey of the artist’s practice from the years 2008- 2014 including collages,paintings and two distinct strands of abstraction. This broad ...

Oil on linen


by de Bruyn, Dirk.

KLEX: Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival 2012 KLEX Selection Committee

Moving Image

Balsaitis, Jonas, b. 1948
Jonas Balsaitis is a maker of experimental abstract paintings and films which challenge the very concept of the nature of art.
Jordan, Col, b. 1935
One of the innovators in hard edge optical painting, who was also an influential teacher of generations of artists.
Kane, Julius
German born and educated, Julius Kane was one of the most influential figures in Melbourne sculpture in the 1950s until his death in 1962. His ...
Leach-Jones, Alun, b. 1937
Alun Leach-Jones was one of the generation of artists who helped define Australian colourfield art in the 1960s. Hie first came to prominence exhibiting in ...
McMaugh, Alison, b. 1928
Alison McMaugh was one of the many young women artists trained in Sydney in the 1950s who found more opportunities abroad, in her case in ...
Johnson, Michael, b. 1938
Michael Johnson's work is marked by a metaphysical orchestration of colour and a muscularity of presence. His paintings (and occasional works in three dimensions) are ...
Kitching, Michael, b. 1940
Without any formal art education, sculptor, printmaker and designer Michael Kitching emerged as one of the original voices of 1960s art in Australia.
Asmodelle, Estelle, b. 1964
Estelle Asmodelle, abstract painter and digital artist, is known for her large-scale, brightly coloured abstract work. In 2010 she published her first art book, Transience, ...
abstract | narrative

by Thompson, Yve.

An exhibition of works by Tom Borgas (SA), Kristian Glynn (Vic) and Yve Thompson (SA) Abstract: of or relating to the formal aspect of art, ...

Nixon, John, b. 1949
John Nixon's art is best described as radical minimalism. His tough non-objective approach to art was first developed in his student years and continued throughout ...
Olsen, John, b. 1928
John Olsen's exuberant paintings, which were first exhibited in Sydney in the 1950s, are often celebrations of Sydney, Majorca, marine life, good food and sunshine. ...
Field Painting #3


Oil on linen

Field Painting #3

by White, Anthony.

This work *Field Painting*__ #3 was featured in the group exhibition *Color Fields*__ Exhibition at Galerie Flichy Paris St Germain Des Pres. The exhibition featured ...

Oil on linen