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Zuvella, Mary
Mary Zuvella was a printmaker with socialist aims. The best known example of Zuvella's work is a linocut that was published along with those of ...
Peter Bowden and Leon Zygas: painting

by Bowden, Peter, Zygas, Leon.

Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, UTAS CACSA 'Recollections' 1942-86

FUGE/Verein Pro Fuge, 6 month residency, Zürich, Switzerland

Involved with the studio's publication entitled 'Art in Times of Change' during residency.

Danseuses à la Harpe (Harp dancers)

by Power, John Joseph Wardell.

Credit Line: Mrs Edith Power Bequest 1962, The University of Sydney, managed by Museum of Contemporary Art.

oil on canvas

à Beckett,
Colonial female artist who attended the National Art School in Melbourne.
à Beckett, Constance Matilda, b. 1860
Colonial female who painted for distraction, while her family was parodied in her nephew's novels as the product of a nouveau-riche convict father, whose descendants ...
à Beckett, Edward, b. 1844
Colonial painter of landscapes who was painted in the act of painting by Emma Minne Boyd, matriarch of the influential family of artists.