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Ceramic tableware company established by Paul Davis and Jacqueline Clayton.
Bison Australia
Established by Brian Tunks in 1997, Bison Australia creates handcrafted stoneware pottery.
Bott, Alice, b. 1879
Alice Bott was a prominent member of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Queensland, a student of L.J. Harvey and a pottery instructor.
The Australian Ceramics Association
The Australian Ceramics Association was founded in 1956 under the name Potters' Society of New South Wales. In June, 1967, the name was changed to ...
Astley, Charles, b. 1869
Charles Astley's paintings were no more than competent but his teaching of pottery and china painting at the Warwick Technical College and High School and ...
Browne, Colin, b. 1949
Colin Browne had only a short career in ceramics but his works, with dark tenmoku-like glaze and their suggestion of organic form are a distinctive ...
Boyd, David, b. 1924
Brother of Guy, Lucy and Arthur Boyd, David Boyd found acclaim as a potter in the 1950s and ’60s. He began his career as a ...
Deemara, Edward, b.
Gunganji potter, Edward Deemara from Yarrabah, North Queensland, began his artistic career as an apprentice with the Yarrabah Guyala Pottery in 1972.
Egan, Barbara
a ceramicist and silk fabric artist and decendent of the Muthi Muthi and the Gunditjamara Aboriginal peoples.
Boodle, Emily
Sydney painter and tile maker, Emily Boodle exhibited her painted tiles and watercolours at several exhibitions throughout the late 1880s, including the New Zealand and ...