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Van Treight
Van Treight was a furniture design and manufacturing firm producing work with Scandinavian overtones as well as lines of period furniture often described as "colonial". ...
A firm founded by Norman Archibald, a furniture designer active ca.1973 developing furniture for Nore Furniture Pty Ltd, Bayswater, Victoria.
Ramler is a Victoria-based furniture design and manufacturing company founded by Harry Ramler, an emigre born in Poland and arriving in Australia in 1949. His ...
Ricketts & Thorp
Ricketts & Thorp were Sydney manufacturers of fine furniture. The designs were often to the clients' specifications. They worked for the NSW State Government, the ...
Rosenblum and Associates
Rosenblum and Associates are identified through a line of steel outdoor furniture produced for the "Hotel Brookvale", designed by H.P. Oser in 1954-1955.
Bailey & Sons
Bailey & Sons were furniture makers in Edwardstown, South Australia known to have produced domestic timber furniture.
image of Bangdesign
Sydney design company founded by Bryan Marshall and David Granger in 1989. The company specialise in product design.
Beard Watson
Beard Watson was a prominent Sydney furniture maker and retailer with origins in the 19th century. Designing and making contemporary (i.e. modern) and period furniture ...
Berkowitz and Sons
Berkowitz and Sons, Hawksburn, are described as a large Melbourne furniture manufacturer in 1937.
Blair Quinn &​ Associates
Alexander Blair and Roger Quinn established a furniture firm in 1966. By 1967, the partnership was dissolved and it was renamed Alexander Blair & Associates. ...
Branchflower, trading as H.A. Branchflower, was a Victorian specialist in moderne and period furniture design and production. In 1936, they were based in Guildford Lane, ...
Agostino & Brown
Agostino & Brown are a furniture design and manufacturing firm based in Adelaide, SA. The principals are Sam Agostino and Gareth Brown. Established in 2010, ...
Catt, Charles
Catt was a principal of the furniture manufacturing firm Charles Catt &​ Son furniture designers and manufacturers, 20 Gympie Way, Willetton.
Chen, Ah
Ah Chen has been identified by Michael Lech, curator at the Caroline Simpson Library and Research Collection, Sydney as a Melbourne furniture maker active in ...
Cohen Brothers
Cohen Brothers, a Melbourne furniture design and manufacturing firm est. in the 19th century and exhibiting in the mid-20th century. They produced lounge, dining, bedroom ...
Sturdy Components
20th c. merger with FRAMAC furniture, date uncertain.
Conrad Rodd
Conrad Rodd, a Berlin-born designer working as Rodd Design and other trade names was a furniture designer and maker in a sawn-timber style as well ...
W. Coogan & Co.
W. Coogan & Co. is a furniture manufacturer that had a presence in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie in 1912. Founded in the last qtr of ...
Benjamin, David, b. 1817
Cabinetmaker who arrived in Australia in 1840.