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Abbott, Alfred, b. 1838
Amateur photographer, watchmaker and diarist. Known for his stereoscopic prints of Hobart and its surrounds. He also produced an important album incorporating works by Tasmanian ...
Photographer whose ferocious support of the Salvation Army was noted by the Bulletin in May 1897.
Allen, A.
Photographer, exhibited in the first conversazione held by the Amateur Photographic Society of NSW at the School of Arts in Pitt Street, Sydney in 1885 ...
Amateur Photographic Association
The Amateur Photographic Association exhibited at the 1888-1889 Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition.
Atkinson, Alfred
Queensland photographer whose work depicts the Aboriginal communities of the Palmer district. Examples of his work are held by the Cairns Historical Society and the ...
Austin & Waller
Little is known about Austin & Waller but that they were photographers.
A professional photographer, Avarne was working in partnership with John Ness in Bendigo, Victoria throughout the 1850s.
Little is known of the artist Bachelder but he may have gone by any number of names including Benjamin, Nathaniel or Perez and his surname ...
Barrie, Andrew
Eventually becoming owner of Stewart & Co., Andrew Barrie was a professional photographer and an acquaintance of the painter, Tom Roberts.
Ballard, Benjamin
Ballard was a professional photographer working in Melbourne and Ballarat in the 1860s.
Bennett, A.
It is unknown if Bennett was the photographer or simply the exhibitor who showed a number of photographic views, taken for the Town and Country ...
Benson, Andrew
Andrew Benson worked in and around Melbourne as a professional photographer throughout the 1860s and 1870s. His professional partners included Romulus Dethbridge and Frederick Stevenson.
Bergau worked as a professional photographer in Warwick, Queensland in the 1860s. There is some speculation Bergau may have also been known as Frederick W. ...
Agar, Bernice, b. 1885
Glamorous and highly accomplished photographer best known for her images of Sydney socialites and brides. Such was her skill that when she retired upon marriage ...
Barling, Bianca, b.
Bianca Barling is the recipient of several awards including the 'Malaysia Airlines/Hill-Smith Fine Art Travel Award' and an 'Adelaide Critic's Circle Emerging Artist Award' both ...
Biggs, Alfred Barrett
Alfred Barrett Biggs worked as a photographic artist in Tasmania c.1860. Examples of his work are held in the Archives Office of Tasmania.