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Blackman, Charles, b. 1928
The Antipodean artist Charles Blackman was best known for his paintings of schoolgirls and the whimsy of Alice in Wonderland. Largely, but not entirely, self-taught ...
Church, Ann, b. 1929
Theatrical designer, best known for her designs for the Victorian Ballet Guild.
Danciger, Alice, b. 1914
A painter, theatre and fabric designer who worked with some of the most significant modernist artists in Australia.
Cowen, Don, b. 1920
Don Cowen worked for only a few years in Australia, beginning as a promising younger artist in Brisbane in the early 1950s, before departing for ...
Contemporary Art And Feminism
CAF is a community of artists, writers, researchers with a common interest in the generative relationship between contemporary art and feminism.
Crombie, Fiona
Crombie trained as a set and costume designer moving into film production in 2010 with "Snowtown" followed by numerous films and a TV series "Top ...
Fraser, Anne
Theatrical designer, possibly the daughter of Sir Keith and Lady Fraser of Brisbane.
Glynn, Anna, b. 1958
Anna Glynn is a multi-media artist whose work includes painting, drawing, sculpture, writing, music, sound, installation, set design and theatre.
Habbe, Alexander Christian, b. 1829
Colonial era Danish-born scene-painter, cartoonist and soldier. Habbe's scenes painted for the Christmas pantomimes at the Opera House rivalled those of John Hennings at the ...
Haxton, Elaine Alys, b. 1909
Painter, printmaker and designer, Haxton worked through the 1930s as a commercial artist in both Sydney and London. In 1943 she won the Sulman Prize ...
Deering, Henry
Henry Deering was a scenic artist and theatrical producer. In 1851 he was credited with painting the moving diorama introduced into the pantomime he produced ...
Boyd, Hermia, b. 1931
Hermia Boyd was a set designer, potter and glass painter.
Benison, J.
Federation-era Melbourne cartoonist and theatre designer. There is some speculation he might in fact be the cartoonist Percy Benison.
Goatcher, James, b. 1879
Artist and theatre scene painter and designer who was a member of the Royal Art Society of New South Wales and of the West Australian ...
Carrol, Jean , b. 1927
Carrol trained as a milliner at Moray Millinery, Sydney working in women's millinery, then transferred her skills to theatre, television and film in the mid-1960s. ...
Boddington, Jennie, b. 1922
Jennie Boddington was the first curator of photography to be appointed in Australia. She was responsible for the National Gallery of Victoria's photography collection from ...
Jones-Evans, Dale, b. 1955
Architect, artist, designer, art collector, publisher, director of Dale Jones-Evans Pty Ltd and adjunct professor of the School of Design, Architecture and Building at the ...
Grainger, Joseph Harry, b. 1853
J.H. Grainger was one of the original exhibitors at the Queensland Art Society and made a significant contribution to the development of art in early ...