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Heyring, Chris
Heyring originally worked as a sculptor then moved into industrial design, developing exhibition structures (Tensile Structures) for the America's Cup, Perth. He has also designed ...
Australian Commercial and Industrial Artists' Association
An organisation founded in Melbourne described in its constitution as representing commercial and industrial artists or any other person working in fine art for the ...
Models for Florentia

by Owen, Robert George.

Studio view; 20 x 20 x 20 cm (approx.); edition 45 production: Artery Cooperative Ltd (Luke Adams, Hilary Jackman, Jeph Neale, Andrew Sinclair and Peter ...

painted steel

abstract | narrative

by Thompson, Yve.

An exhibition of works by Tom Borgas (SA), Kristian Glynn (Vic) and Yve Thompson (SA) Abstract: of or relating to the formal aspect of art, ...

Fabricated Nature

by Horne, Anna, Marsh, Claire.

Contrasting ideas of transience, permanence, and transformation can be found in Fabricated Nature. Sculptor Anna Horne and multi-disciplinary artist Claire Marsh present a selection of ...

The Improbable Object, Defiance Gallery, 2012

by Johnson , Anita.

THE IMPROBABLE OBJECT Anita Larkin -sculpture 23rd May - 16th June 2012 DEFIANCE GALLERY 47 Enmore Rd Newtown,Sydney

1956 Olympic Arts Festival, Melbourne

by Rodriquez, John.

1956 Olympic Arts Festival, Melbourne. Melbourne’s Cultural Olympiad included five significant exhibitions: architecture and sculpture at the University of Melbourne’s Wilson Hall; painting and drawing ...

Pinder, Phil, b. 1945
Pinder was an artist working across a wide range of media including murals and interior design (the Last Laugh theatre, Melbourne). A poster "April Fools ...
Collings, Silver, b. 1940
With experience in Australia and London, Collings works as a jeweller and sculptor.
Slow Crawl to Infinity

by Ananda, Roy.

Installation at the Samstag Museum

Stilled Life

by Thring, Cassie.

In Stilled Life, Thring confronts her personal dilemma with the ambiguous nature of taxidermy ‘trophy’ heads, which conflictingly represent achievement and death. Inspired by early ...

Taylor, Peter , b. 1927
Taylor was a sculptor, typically working in wood. He was head of sculpture at the School of Art, University of Tasmania, also becoming involved in ...
Toomey, Kerry, b.
Toomey began her arts career as a teacher, later training at the College of Fine Arts, Paddington. Working first as a painter, she was working ...
Wall sculpture

by Harvey, Anthony John Heriot.

Harvey produced a series of wall sculptures at his Eltham studio using plaster embedded with moulded clay shapes, scrap material and found objects.

Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2012

by Johnson , Anita.

Woollahra Council Chambers 536 New South Head Road, Double Bay, NSW A competitive exhibition of sculpture less than 80cm in dimension. 43 artists