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Cubism & Australian Art

by Cramer, Sue.

Cubism & Australian Art was a scholarly exhibition that demonstrated the links between international Cubism and Australian practitioners, both in Europe and Australia

McMaugh, Alison, b. 1928
Alison McMaugh was one of the many young women artists trained in Sydney in the 1950s who found more opportunities abroad, in her case in ...
Being there: Kathleen O'Connor in Paris

by O’Connor, Kathleen.

Being There – Kathleen O’Connor in Paris is presented to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the death of Kathleen O’Connor (1876–1968), who was born in ...

Power, John Joseph Wardell, b. 1881
Painter, author, patron, philanthropist. After World War I he travelled to Europe and studied art where his abstract compositions reflect a life of leisure and ...