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Scorfield, Edward Scafe, b. 1882
Mid 20th century Sydney Bulletin cartoonist, poster designer and etcher. Before migrating to Australia in 1925 Scorfield played rugby for England and served in the ...
Mackay, Jan, b. 1950
Jan MacKay was an activist feminist printmaker working in the Tin Sheds at the University of Sydney in the 1970s.
Philpot, Ernest Sidney, b. 1906
Painter, signwriter, poster artist and muralist who exhibited internationally and had a long association with art societies in Victoria and Western Australia.
Poster-Film Collective
Started in London in the early 1970s
News stand poster show

by Mills, Andrew.

Andrew Mills compiled news stand poster show


by Graff, Mini.

Mini Graff, In/Visibility, 2017. 46 * 76 cm. Edition: 20.

Two colour screen print on 90sgm lotho.

Not commercial

by Graff, Mini.

Mini Graff, Not commercial, 2017.68 * 110 cm. Edition 10.

Two colour screen print on 90sgm lotho.

Order disorder

by Graff, Mini.

Mini Graff, Order disorder, 2016. 50 * 76 cm.Edition: 10. Reference: for installation at MCA curated by Jason Wing.

Acrylic screen print (three stencils)

Roll up, roll up

by Graff, Mini.

Mini Graff, Roll up roll up, 2015. 71 * 100 cm. Edition: 35.

Two colour screen print on Monza

Spread The Word: Stop AIDS Now

by Lou Davis Graphics.

Poster. Aboriginal Print in Black and white, with three hands coloured red, yellow and black. Each hand has one word reading 'Stop AIDS Now'. Print ...


Allan, Joseph Stuart, b. 1861
Federation and Edwardian-era painter, poster and theatre designer and cartoonist. Allan was active in Sydney, NSW, and Wellington, New Zealand.
Beck, Richard, b. 1912
Beck practised as an industrial designer and graphic artist in the UK and Australia. He designed travel posters for the Orient Line, London Transport, stamps ...
Callaghan, Michael, b. 1952
Michael Callaghan's political posters helped define urban dissent in the 1970s. Later he founded Redback Graphix and created the popular health poster figure 'Condoman'.
Mayo, Eileen, b. 1906
Female artist of the Slade School and Académie Montmartre who studied under Henry Moore and Ferdinand Léger. Mayo briefly produced tourist posters in Australia after ...
Sim, Raymond
Sim is an illustrator and printmaker active from 1936. He is considered a master lithographer working on limestone and/or zinc plates. He has worked as ...
White, Sheona, b. 1958
Mixed media artist and curator. Made a gouache and charcoal backdrop for Laleen Jayamanne's film 'Song of Ceylon' in 1986. A poster, "Mental as Anything" ...
Hamori, George, b. 1918
Hamori is best known as a postage stamp designer, arriving in Australia in 1956 from Israel. He undertook work the Commonwealth Bank, Qantas and other ...
Pinder, Phil, b. 1945
Pinder was an artist working across a wide range of media including murals and interior design (the Last Laugh theatre, Melbourne). A poster "April Fools ...