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Debenham, Pamela Elizabeth, b. 1955
Tasmanian-born printmaker and painter, taught and practiced printmaking at the Sydney University Art Workshop in the 1980s. Many of her works are now held in ...
Edwards, Tony, b. 1944
Late 20th century Sydney cartoonist and poster designer. Mitchell Library has 103 ink drawings, 6 pencil drawings, 15 photographs and 7 prints by Edwards.
News stand poster show

by Mills, Andrew.

Andrew Mills compiled news stand poster show

White, Sheona, b. 1958
Mixed media artist and curator. Made a gouache and charcoal backdrop for Laleen Jayamanne's film 'Song of Ceylon' in 1986. A poster, "Mental as Anything" ...
Sharp, Martin, b. 1942
Late 20th century Sydney artist. Sharp's 1964 cartoon "The Word Spread Round the Arms", published in "Oz" was seen to breach the Obscene and Indecent ...

by Staeck, Klaus.

Klaus Staeck, German political comment posters

Fish, Donald, b. 1929
Fish produced poster designs, logotypes, packaging, TV commercials and illustrations for major clients around the world, including Cadbury's, British Airways, Qantas and TIME Magazine. Founder ...
Poster exhibition

by Poster-Film Collective.

Poster-Film Collective, London, including sequences on women & history and imperialism

Truth Rules...OK?

by Bolton, Ken, Goodwin, Christine.

various Australian postermakers, organised by Christine Goodwin and Ken Bolton; recent socially, politically oriented posters, touring 1983-1984 many venues, Australia


by Robertson, Toni.

Toni Robertson (Sydney), silk-screen poster maker, ran workshops, produced series of posters