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White, Anthony, b. 1976
Anthony White b.1976 National Art School (Painting) Sydney. He immigrated to Paris, 2009. He was the recipient of The Gruner Prize for Landscape Painting 2005 ...
Sharp, Martin, b. 1942
Late 20th century Sydney artist. Sharp's 1964 cartoon "The Word Spread Round the Arms", published in "Oz" was seen to breach the Obscene and Indecent ...

by Kelly, Deborah.

Digital animation shown as HD projection, DVD, 16:9, 3:17 minutes, colour, sound Animation: Christian Heinrich and Chris Wilson Original score written and produced by Brutal ...

Digital Animation

Feminage - the logic of feminist collage

by Dickens, Karla, Gower, Elizabeth, Holder, Jo, Hunt, Emily, Iqbal, Mehwish, Kelly, Deborah, MacDonald, Fiona, Sandrasegar, Sangeeta, Smart, Sally, Snaith, Tai, Spero, Nancy, Wyman, Jemima, do Prado, Paula Gabriela.

Feminage frames collage as one aspect of the diverse legacy of feminist art practice. In the 1970s, informed by feminism, gay rights and conceptual art, ...

Art and Australia (Women)

by Richardson, Elvis.

Elvis Richardson, Art and Australia (Women), 2014. Collage on linen.

Collage on linen

Arts Caravan, 1982 and 2016

by MacDonald, Fiona.

Fiona MacDonald, Arts Caravan, 1982 and 2016. Archival collage and digital print, 2016. Working with Vivienne Binns, Full Flight, 1982 to 83, Archive ArtsWest, Charles ...

Archival collage and digital print

Name That Artist (Art and Australia 1996, 2006 & 2015)

by Richardson, Elvis.

Elvis Richardson, Name That Artist (Art and Australia 1996, 2006 & 2015), 2016. Digital print, 70 x 50 cm.

Digital print