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Callaghan, Mary, b. 1955
Callaghan was a film maker, "Greetings from Wollongong" and others. Also known as a poster artist, "Stilleto. Licence to rage" poster, 1978 by her is ...
Debenham, Pamela Elizabeth, b. 1955
Tasmanian-born printmaker and painter, taught and practiced printmaking at the Sydney University Art Workshop in the 1980s. Many of her works are now held in ...
Olszewski, Laurel
Posters for "The Last Laugh Theatre Restaurant Zoo", 1976 and "Stilleto. Razor Sharp Rock", 1978 are known.
Mackay, Jan, b. 1950
Jan MacKay was an activist feminist printmaker working in the Tin Sheds at the University of Sydney in the 1970s.
Mayo, Eileen, b. 1906
Female artist of the Slade School and Académie Montmartre who studied under Henry Moore and Ferdinand Léger. Mayo briefly produced tourist posters in Australia after ...
White, Sheona, b. 1958
Mixed media artist and curator. Made a gouache and charcoal backdrop for Laleen Jayamanne's film 'Song of Ceylon' in 1986. A poster, "Mental as Anything" ...