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Merrett, Stewart, b. 1943
Merrett trained in illustration and design, working in Myer, Melbourne as a display designer. He later worked to develop packaging design for L'Oreal. After 1978, ...
White, Anthony, b. 1976
Anthony White b.1976 National Art School (Painting) Sydney. He immigrated to Paris, 2009. He was the recipient of The Gruner Prize for Landscape Painting 2005 ...
Sharp, Martin, b. 1942
Late 20th century Sydney artist. Sharp's 1964 cartoon "The Word Spread Round the Arms", published in "Oz" was seen to breach the Obscene and Indecent ...
Titmarsh, Mark, b. 1955
Artist, curator, filmaker and writer who was a founding member of the Sydney Super 8 Collective in 1983.