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Pandar Furniture
The Australian Modern: Mid-Century Architecture and Design site reports that Pandar was formed by the British designer Bernard Goss after he arrived in Melbourne in ...
Rosando Bros.
Melbourne-based furniture designers and makers, Paul and Michael Rosta, active in the last half of the 20th century. Their work is commonly in timber, featuring ...
Piper's Truline (furniture)
Piper's Truline furniture designed and manufactured timber furniture in Ulverstone, Tasmania, largely in regional timbers. The firm was founded in 1919 and has won several ...
H. Eastgate Pty Ltd
H. Eastgate Pty Ltd was a West Brunswick, Melbourne furniture design and manufacturing firm. They won the Furniture Manufacturers Design Competition in 1952. The firm ...
William Bedford Ltd
William Bedford Ltd was a furniture designer and maker, 490 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. The firm specialised in chromed steel furniture, advertising in 1938. The ...
King Furniture
King Furniture was founded in Sydney in 1977 by the King family. Initially, the furniture sold through a city marketplace later moving to a King ...
J. McCain Furniture
Founded by James McCain in 1926. The company also produced furniture in the 1950s and 1960s under the name JAYMAC.
Conrad Rodd
Conrad Rodd, a Berlin-born designer working as Rodd Design and other trade names was a furniture designer and maker in a sawn-timber style as well ...
Nable Furniture by Joyce Bros.
Nable Furniture by Joyce Bros, exhibiting modern upholstered and timber furniture during furniture exhibition in Perth, WA in 1966. Images available:
Star Furnishers
Star Furnishers is a furniture designer/maker exhibiting modernist timber furniture in a WA furniture exhibition in 1966. Images available at: and
Agostino & Brown
Agostino & Brown are a furniture design and manufacturing firm based in Adelaide, SA. The principals are Sam Agostino and Gareth Brown. Established in 2010, ...
W. E. Young and Co.
W. E. Young and Co. were furniture designers/makers exhibiting their "Tru-Style" upholstered furniture line in a furniture exhibition in West Australia in 1966. Images available: ...
Crown Crystal Glass
Crown Crystal Glass was a design and manufacturing firm formed in the early 20th century and in addition to their glass, they also employed industrial ...
R. Brown Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd
R. Brown is described as a "large furniture manufacturing business", East Brunswick, Melbourne in 1937.
Stapleton and Lewis, Pty Ltd
Stapleton and Lewis are described as a large Melbourne furniture manufacturer based in Richmond in 1937.
Melbourne Chair Co. Pty Ltd
Melbourne Chair Co Pty Ltd is described as a large Melbourne furniture manufacturer in 1937.
Berkowitz and Sons
Berkowitz and Sons, Hawksburn, are described as a large Melbourne furniture manufacturer in 1937.
Hunt, Son and Oliver Pty Ltd
Hunt, Son and Oliver Pty Ltd, Collingwood are described as a large Melbourne furniture manufacturer in 1937.
Brunswick Furniture Pty Ltd
Brunswick Furniture Pty Ltd is described as a large Melbourne furniture manufacturer in 1937.
Dulmison designed and distributed a steel-framed chair and relating seating elements (steel legs) in the mid-1950s drawing on the design of Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy's 'butterfly chair'. ...