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Watkins, Dick, b. 1937
Sydney-born painter, who occasionally attended art classes in the 1950s. He came under the influence of New York School abstraction and emerged as a major ...
Kitching, Michael, b. 1940
Without any formal art education, sculptor, printmaker and designer Michael Kitching emerged as one of the original voices of 1960s art in Australia.
McMaugh, Alison, b. 1928
Alison McMaugh was one of the many young women artists trained in Sydney in the 1950s who found more opportunities abroad, in her case in ...
Signal 8 Cat St Gallery Hong Kong


The work Defection 2011 was made whilst on residence at The Leipzig International Art Programme,Germany The painting was then exhibited in Leipzig at the LIA ...

Oil on linen

Wall Hanging - Abstract Design

by Rodriquez, John.

750 mm (Height) x 600 mm (Width)

Screen print on linen

The Field

by Coleing, Anthony John, Hickey, Dale, McGillick, Tony, Partos, Paul.

The Field was the first temporary exhibition in the newly opened National Gallery of Victoria building in St Kilda Road. Its curators, John Stringer and ...