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Gemes, Alex, b.
Gemes is one of the principals of the Berryman Furniture Company, Sydney. Berryman produced contemporary and period style furniture for commercial outlets such as Harvey ...
Ceravolo, Rosanna
Ceravolo trained in architecture and works across furniture and industrial design. Her furniture collection debuted in 2012 and she has undertaken commissions for the retailer ...
Dunlop, Robert
Dunlop is the principal of Studio Line, a Queensland-based furniture firm working in timber. [based on information supplied by Geoffrey Clarke]
Hayton, Cliff
Cliff Hayton was one of the principals of Hayson Furniture Manufacturing Company (others un-named) with workshops in South Melbourne, Carlton and West Footscray operating before ...
Stapleton, Russell Kenneth, b. 1919
Stapleton was a principal of Standis Furniture Pty Ltd, North Richmond, Victoria. Standis produced period reproductions as well as a line of Danish Modern furniture ...
Rosando Bros.
Melbourne-based furniture designers and makers, Paul and Michael Rosta, active in the last half of the 20th century. Their work is commonly in timber, featuring ...
H. Eastgate Pty Ltd
H. Eastgate Pty Ltd was a West Brunswick, Melbourne furniture design and manufacturing firm. They won the Furniture Manufacturers Design Competition in 1952. The firm ...
Star Furnishers
Star Furnishers is a furniture designer/maker exhibiting modernist timber furniture in a WA furniture exhibition in 1966. Images available at: and
R. Brown Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd
R. Brown is described as a "large furniture manufacturing business", East Brunswick, Melbourne in 1937.
Stapleton and Lewis, Pty Ltd
Stapleton and Lewis are described as a large Melbourne furniture manufacturer based in Richmond in 1937.
Studio Line
A furniture firm based in Brisbane founded by Robert Dunlop. Studio Line furniture worked in timber. [based on information supplied by Geoffrey Cla