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Coffey, Selwyn, b. 1918
Designer and co-founder, Kempthorne Lighting, a company that began in 1931 as Kempthorne Lighting Works.
Arcadipane, Peter, b.
Peter Arcadipane is an automobile designer, joining GM Holden in 1968. After training experience in the USA, he developed a "super graphics" decal concept and ...
Ferlazzo, Richard , b. 1961
Ferlazzo is a Holden design director, based in General Motors Holden's Port Melbourne design studio. He studied industrial design at RMIT. His team, working with ...
Rodriquez, John , b. 1929
See John Rodriquez (textile designer)
Simcoe, Michael, b. 1957
Simcoe trained at RMIT Melbourne and began as a designer at GM Holden in 1983. In 1995, he was a design director, later GMH's director ...
Smyth, Brian , b. 1931
Smyth is an automotive designer working initially for Chrysler Australia. In 1959 he was their senior stylist and became involved in the introduction of the ...