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Baggs, Sydney, b. 1930
Sydney Baggs is an international architect specialising in ecological design and especially earth-sheltered and passive solar-effective buildings.
Kolos, Frank, b. 1915
Kolos was an architect and designer working in several partnerships during his career. Amongst his many commercial and domestic commissions, in 1959, he designed the ...
Proudfoot, Peter, b. 1936
Proudfoot trained as an architect, working for the NSW Government Architect (1960-1964), later taking up a lectureship at the UNSW. He is best known for ...
Design of the Block Arcade, Melbourne

by Carew, Ann.

A satellite exhibition staged in the Block Arcade Melbourne in 2010, related to the SLV's exhibition, 'Til you Drop: Shopping a Melbourne History', Curated by ...

Backhouse, Rob
Backhouse is an interior designer and has worked at BVN Donovan Hill, the Carr Design Group and currently with Hassell.
Barlow, John, b. 1860
An authority on ecclesiastical architecture, Barlow was the editor of "Art and Architecture", co-founder of the Institute of Architects, NSW and author of a number ...
Ceravolo, Rosanna
Ceravolo trained in architecture and works across furniture and industrial design. Her furniture collection debuted in 2012 and she has undertaken commissions for the retailer ...
Fombertaux, Jean Georges Henri, b. 1920
Jean Fombertaux was a notable architect in Sydney during the 1950s and 1960s, a partner of Oser and Fombertaux.
Greenaway, Jefa
Greenaway is an architect, interior designer and academic. He is the director of Greenaway Architects and co-founder and Chair of Indigenous Architecture and Design Victoria ...
Bolot, Aaron, b. 1900
Aaron Bolot was a Crimea-born, Brisbane-educated architect who created many notable residential and commercial buildings in Sydney from the 1930s to the 1960s.
Duckworth, Jonathan
Jonathan Duckworth is a new media artist. His interests focus on the design, interaction, presence, and psychological effects of digital environments, having specialized in the ...
McDermott, Ruth, b.
Sydney-based lighting designer who originally trained and worked as an industrial designer. McDermott's practice has spanned architectural, residential, corporate and site-specific art projects.
Ryberg, Petra, b.
Ryberg is Head of Design for Carnival Design, Sydney which services P&O, Cunard and others. She has worked as an interior designer for Hirsch Bedner ...
Modern Architecture Research Society (MARS)
The 1937 organisation of Sydney’s Modern Architecture Research Society (MARS) promoted the development of modern architecture. The principal founders of the Australian MARS group were ...
Harry Seidler: 1948-1985

by Seidler, Harry.

This exhibition was held in Vienna in 1985 and other locations in Europe and Australia. Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, ...

F Kenneth Milne: portrait of an architect

by Beck, Elizabeth T , Johnson, Donald Leslie , Milne, F Kenneth.

An exhibition of recent acquisitions of the Flinders University Architecture Archives. Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, UTAS FUAM partial catalogue ...

Swetik Korzeniewski

by Korzeniewski, Swetik.

Swetik is at the School of Architecture, the University of Sydney. Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, UTAS ORG exhibition archive; ...

James Birrell

by Birrell, James.

Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, UTAS BCAG exhibition archive; State Library of NSW catalogue Exhibition Catalogue: Birrell: work from the ...


by Fieldsend, Jan, Honey, Bevan.

Organised by the Tin Sheds Gallery, Exhibition Committee. Large-scale architectural drawings pointing to the Department of Architecture, University of Sydney that has provided support for ...