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Johnston, Pam, b. 1947
An Aboriginal artist and a printmaker, Johnston is best known for her shocking work 'Untitled' which addressed the issue of Indigenous deaths in custody and ...
Willding, Ian Kenneth, b. 1954
Ian Willding, a Wiradjuri man, developed his art while working for many years at the Suneden Special School in Adelaide. His inspiration however came from ...
Arts Information

by Goldman, Jacques, Langhans, Marci.

Marci Langhans and Jacques Goldman, seminar on proposal to Community Arts Board

Community Art Seminars

by Adams, Jude.

1. Community Art in its Context (September) 2. Community Arts Alternatives (October) 3. Community Art summary (November) Jude Adams, end of series

Community Arts Survey

by Adams, Jude.

Collation of reports from SA Community arts officers and groups

House About Wollongong & East End: before and after

by Waller, Ruth.

2 Community Arts Exhibitions hosted by EAF to coincide with the National Community Arts Conference in Adelaide