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Blue for girls, red for boys

by Graff, Mini.

Street stencil art in Newtown, Sydney.

Paper stencil

Make your mark

by Graff, Mini.

Mini Graff, Make your mark, 2016. 70 * 50cm. Printed from three hand drawn positives using Letraset and Sharpie.Edition: 35.

Acrylic screen print on 90gsm litho.

This is street art

by Graff, Mini.

Mini Graff, This is street art, 2015. 51 * 76 cm. Edition: 10.

Three colour screen print on 90sgm lotho.


by Graff, Mini.

Mini Graff, Broke, 2016. Acrylic screen print (three stencils), 100 x 70 cm. Source: Radical Wollongong and Jobs for Women, Art Resistance, 2016.

Acrylic screen print (three stencils)


by Binns, Vivienne, Burn, Ian, Christmann, Gunter, Dawson, Janet, Gilbert, Kevin, Partos, Paul.

The 1968 exhibition was curated in 1995 by Michael Desmond and Christine Dixon and was drawn entirely from the National Gallery of Australia's collection. It ...