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Rossler, Liane
Liane is an artist, designer, curator, and creative advisor on design, art and the environment. Recent work includes Superlocalstudio, Here and Now, Happy Talk and ...
Babidge, Alice
Babidge is a theatre and film design with experience at the Sydney Theatre Company (2010) and films including "Snowtown" and "Beau is Afraid".
Allen, Jessika, b. 1968
Started Jessika Allen Design in the late 1990's. After a stint designing for Big W and Sportgirl, Allen purchased and began designing for JETS Swimwear.
Chipkin, Hannah
Designer and Director of Sydney fashion label Chip Chop!
Collins, Ibi, b. 1913
Designer and maker at Collins Gloves
Cooper, Becky
Fashion Designer and Director at Bec & Bridge
Finlay, Maria, b. 1932
Maria Finlay is Design Director for Maria Finlay Boutique. After retiring in 2003, Finlay re-emerged in 2008 as the buyer for Basler boutiques in Australia ...
Freedman, Morris, b.
Established Ezy-Cut Designs
Freeman, Marc, b. 1979
Fashion Designer and Director of Camilla and Marc
Freeman-Topper, Camilla, b. 1981
Designer and Director of Camilla and Marc
Glass, Freda, b. 1934
Fashion Designer and Director of fashion label Stephen Glass Designs, Sydney.
Goldstein, Chaim
Fashion Designer and Director of Billycock Denim & Co.
Goot, Joshua, b. 1980
Fashion Designer and Director of label Josh Goot
Hammerman, Bernhard, b. 1912
Furrier who operated Bernhard Hammerman Fur Salons inside David Jones department stores
Hilton, John, b. 1912
John J Hilton is a ladies clothing designer, associated with John J Hilton clothing manufacturers.
Horak, Olga, b. 1926
Olga Horak (nee Rosenberger), born in 1926, is a Holocaust survivor. She arrived in Australia in 1949 with her husband John Horak where they established ...
Karas, Susan, b. 1920
Fashion Designer at John J Hilton
Kinstlinger, Jeremy
Fashion Designer and Director at Billycock Denim & Co.
Kramer, Elke
Jewellery Designer for Elke