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Crispin, Geoff, b. 1951
Ceramicist who established Whiteman Creek Pottery in Whiteman Creek, near Grafton, in 1978.
Tod, Frederick William, b. 1879
Tod was a woodcarver executing a range of secular and sacred commissions from his workshops in Sydney's Surry Hills, Annandale and Kingford. He undertook work ...
Doolan Jnr., Billy, b. 1952
Billy Doolan Jnr. is from Palm Island, Queensland and is a painter who works with synthetic polymer paint on linen. He is also a wood ...
Levy, Col, b. 1933
Col Levy is one of the generation of post World War II potters who was strongly influenced by the aesthetic of Japanese Stoneware, especially Bizen ...
Madigan, Rosemary Wynnis, b. 1926
South Australian born sculptor who concentrated on carving stone and wood to produce classically modern sculptures, mainly based on the human figure. Also an influential ...
Tasmanian Wood Craftsman

by Perkins, Kevin.

The first exhibition of Tasmanian born Kevin Perkins, opened by Bill Howroyd 14 October 1978.

Turning Point

by Turner, Len.

An exhibition of woodwork by Len Turner, opened by the Hon. Di Hollister 27 July 1991.

New Directions

by Perkins, Kevin.

Perkins second solo exhibition, opened 14 April 1984.

Slow Crawl to Infinity

by Ananda, Roy.

Installation at the Samstag Museum