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Clifton, Charles Leslie Worsley, b. 1854
Charles Leslie Worsley Clifton was a banker and amateur woodworker.
Dawe, Lou Christopher
Lou Christopher Dawe was a woodworker. He made fretwork picture frames around 1906 from driftwood at Dawesville, Western Australia. Dawe established the Pleasant Grove Fish ...
Dempster, James MacLean, b. 1810
Amateur wood turner, born in Scotland, who arrived in 1830 as a crewmember of the Eagle owned by Charles Pratt.
Dempster, S. R.
Mrs S. R. Dempster was a woodworker. She exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts in 1928.
Durlacher, Alfred, b. 1828
Surveyor and amateur woodworker who arrived in Western Australia in 1838.
Easton, Guy Norman, b. 1874
Amateur wood turner, Fremantle farmer and vineyard proprietor.
Furphy, Joseph, b. 1843
Furphy made doors to fit his daughter-in-law Mattie Furphy's metalwork, which are now in Tom Collins House Swanbourne plus the surrounds and overmantel for the ...
Spencer, Robert John, b. 1830
Robert John Spencer was born in 1830. He was an amateur woodworker and turner. A couch made by Spencer shows the proficiency achieved by an ...
Turner, James Woodward, b. 1780
London businessman, pioneer settler and amateur wood turner who brought his own lathe when he immigrated in Western Australia.
Currie, Herbert Kitchener, b. 1915
Herbert Kitchener Currie was born in 1915. He was a silversmith, woodworker, leatherworker and teacher. Currie ceased work in 1988 when failing eyesight, due to ...