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Byrne, Carmel Francesca, b. 1960
Carmel works out of Scratch Art Space, an Artist Run Initiative she founded and now manages in Marrickville.
Dadour, Vivienne, b.
Sydney based artist whose work focuses on issues that confront political and social issues concerning the complexities of identity and cultural difference.
Ford, Glenn
Contemporary Sydney comic book and commercial artist. Designs covers and artwork for Phantom comics in Australia.
Fry, Dorothy, b. 1891
Early 20th century Sydney illustrator and cartoonist, Fry worked for a time as a commercial artist, drawing newspaper advertisements as well as cartoons and illustrations ...
Furniss, Harry, b. 1854
19th century Irish-born caricaturist, writer and illustrator who published a book based on his travels in Australasia in 1899.
Gardner, John
Mid 20th century Melbourne cartoonist, commercial artist (from necessity), landscape painter (by choice) and amateur photographer. Visited and taught painting at Hermannsburg, NT, in the ...
King, Martin
Melbourne printmaker who has worked extensively with Indigenous artists, often in remote locations and in a collaborative manner.
Lewis, Allan M.
Lewis is identified as the designer of a colour lithograph cover for a 1924 travel guide "Australia Calls You". The artwork was commissioned as "Poster ...
Marshall, Jennifer, b. 1944
An established artist born in 1944, Marshall studied printmaking at the South Australian School of Art under Karin Scheppers and Udo Sellbach. She first exhibited ...
Oppen, Monica
An artist herself in the fields of book art and printmaking, Oppen is also a prominent collector of artists' book. She established a library of ...
Waterman, Estelle
Waterman worked as a graphic artist after training at East Sydney Technical College, costume, film advertising posters (c.1920s) by her hand are known. She was ...
Willoughby, Graham K., b. 1942
A painter and creator of artists' books whose work has featured in several Australian and international exhibitions, including solo exhibitions at Forum Gallery, Guttersloh, Germany ...
Altmann, Charles, b. 1928
Altmann was a self-taught artist, working as a commercial artist in Brisbane, later in Sydney. He joined John Fairfax's Sydney Morning Herald in 1954 working ...
Allen, Pamela, b. 1934
Allen is a children's book writer and illustrator, while born in New Zealand, she was resident in Australia for several decades, returning to New Zealand ...
Chung, Esther, b.
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