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Boddington, Jennie, b. 1922
Jennie Boddington was the first curator of photography to be appointed in Australia. She was responsible for the National Gallery of Victoria's photography collection from ...
Churcher, Betty, b. 1931
Betty Churcher, who was the first woman to head both a state and national art gallery, had an extraordinary career in arts education and administration ...
Maloon, Terence, b. 1950
Terence Maloon was in the 1980s the most erudite of Australian art critics. A decade later, as senior curator of special exhibitions at the Art ...
anything at all

by Autio, Narelle, But-Husaim, Deidre, Grbich, Sasha, Iacobelli, Aldo, Neylon, John, North, Ian, Orchard, Christopher, Wilson, Geoff.

anything at all explores the simple truth that art can come from, and be about, anything at all. Curated by John Neylon, the exhibition features ...

Art of Medicine

by Chehade, Patty, Lau, Kai Yang, Parnis, Sally, Richards, Malcolm.

An initiative of Doctors’ Health SA, the Art of Medicine exhibition features artworks by a variety of doctors and medical students, who maintain an artistic ...

Rossler, Liane
Liane is an artist, designer, curator, and creative advisor on design, art and the environment. Recent work includes Superlocalstudio, Here and Now, Happy Talk and ...
Gray, Anna, b. 1947
Anna Gray is the Head of Australian Art at the National Gallery of Australia. Originally from Western Australia she has been critical in bringing the ...
Koori Art Victoria

by Casey, Karen, Clarke, Peter, Hamm, Treahna, Jose, Ellen, Lesley, Donna, Madigan, Gayle, Onus, Lin.

An initiative of Arthouse, expressing the solidarity of the seven Koori artists, (Peter Clarke, Karen Casey, Treahna Hamm, Ellen Jose, Donna Lesley, Gayle Madigan, Lin ...

What is the concept? Artists and ceramics

by Hamilton, David, Jackson, Jo-Ellen, Kollo, Zsuzsa, Lettau, Karin, Marsden, David, Mason, Penelope Louise, McIntyre, Alan, McMahon, Robert John, Norman, Ray, Richardson, Cecil George, Smith, Tim, Taylor, Jules.

An exhibition of 38 works by George Richardson, David Marsden, Alan McIntyre, David Hamilton, Zsuzsa Kollo, Penny Mason, Jules Taylor, Tim Smith, Jo-Ellen Jackson, Ray ...

Chinese New Wave

by Chunyan, Lin, Downie, Chris, Gong, Da, Wei, Guan, Xian, Ah, Xiaoxian, Lui, Xueming, Ku, Yan, Li, Yong-Bin, Li, Youshen, Wang.

The work of eight Chinese artists, four living and working in Beijing, four living and working in Australia. The artists were Wang Youshen, Da Gong, ...

In Context

by Cogan, Rosalie, Farmer, Katherine, Lada, Elizabeth, Oates, Denese.

An exhibition featuring the work of Rosalie Cogan, Katherine Farmer, Elizabeth Lada and Denese Oates. Source: Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery History Archive.

Marion/Plympton CYSS Show

by Hamilton, Ian.

Ian Hamilton organised show by unemployed people

Artists in St Peters and Somewhere in St Peters

by Adams, Jude.

organised by Jude Adams; 2 concurrent shows of work by local people aiming for awareness of neighbourhood

Ritual Silences

by O'Boyle, Kate .

Solo exhibition for 2018 SALA Festival

Paying It Forward, Outside the Square

by Moschakis, Evy.

Group exhibition for 2018 SALA Festival with Naomi McCann, Monica Hall, Karlieb Van Rooyen, Anita Spiniello, Evy Moschakis & Unity Housing