Painter, teacher and designer, was born in New Zealand. He was an art director at Smith and Julius studios. He became a director with Harry Julius when Sydney Ure Smith pursued publishing Art in Australia. From 1917 he was secretary of Commercial Artists’ Association of NSW. He taught painting, applied arts and design at a number of schools and colleges in Sydney and was art master at SCEGGS Redlands when Alison Rehfisch was a student there. He designed a poster for ANTA, The World’s Loveliest Harbour, Sydney, Australia 1930 (NGA). He also painted landscapes; Bridget McDonnell offered his oil painting, The Old Dairy, Kangaroo Valley, N.S.W. inscribed 'To Will Ashton [q.v.] with regards, Jan. 30, 1928’ for sale in May 2001. Rachel Power remarks that 'his performances on the ABC’s Children’s Hour made his character 'Uncle Joe’ a household name.

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