Commercial artist, cartoonist and painter Cedric Baxter was born into an exotic, racially mixed and privileged background in Rangoon, Burma. His parents were both gifted amateur artists and his sister is the artist Valerie McDonald. Their life was dramatically changed when they had to flee Burma during World War II. His father returned immediately in uniform while the family stayed in India until 1946 when they all came to Western Australia as part of a demobilization scheme. Baxter commenced studying art under Ivor Hunt to obtain a leaving certificate to go into an academic career. Ivor, who noticed his natural ability with a pencil, took him to Clem Ambler who offered him a cadetship in graphics with the West Australian Newspapers, which he undertook from 1949-1951. Much later on in 1975 he completed a Diploma in Graphic Design at Perth Technical College. He claimed to be self-taught as a fine artist. He commenced exhibiting in 1949 and showed as part of the 'Group of Six’ from 1953-1958. He has had many solo exhibitions. He won the Redcliffe Award for Watercolour in 1966 and the Walkley Award for Cartoon of the Year in 1968.

Dr Dorothy Erickson
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