cartoonist, has always signed his cartoons 'Heinrich Hinze’, but his real name is David Pope (friend of Ross Annels and Tamsin Kerr). He worked as a freelance cartoonist on alternative and union papers in Adelaide before moving to Canberra {in 199?}, where he still lives with his wife and two children (2001). He began drawing cartoons in 1985 for 'a variety of Australian publications that remain beyond the clutches of Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Packer, including the Labour Studies Briefing , Common Cause , The Metalworker , The Socialist , Socialist Worker , Green Left Weekly , Frontline , and Chain Reaction '. He was the cartoonist on the weekly Republican newspaper during its short life in 1997, e.g. How your weekly cartoon is produced ,published 1 August 1994. After years of relieving as occasional cartoonist on the Canberra Times , in 2000 he began working regularly on its Sunday Times , e.g. cartoon on John Howard’s stated ideal dinner party guests with Christ etc. looking extremely bored, late 2000. In 2001 was still doing visual commentaries to columnists’ words on this paper, although his biography on the NMA website at the end of the year again called him a freelance cartoonist 'for the labour movement and alternative press’. Many Pope cartoons, past and present, are on his website and he has published three Heinrich Hinze cartoon anthologies with his own Scratch! Media (PO Box 597, Dickson ACT 2602).

The fish John West Reject (1995) includes: bowing employee saying “Greetings and salutations Oh Magnificent One!”/ [Boss to colleague] “...just a little something I had slipped into their new employment contracts!” (Ross Annels owns the original, included in 1999 SH Ervin b/w exhibition). Australia Incorporated: a cartoon prospectus (1997) launched at Tilley’s Devine Cafe, Lyneham on 13 October 1997 by Judy Horacek and Guy Hansen (NMA), includes How your weekly cartoon is produced! (artist’s collection, in 1999 SH Ervin b/w exhibition). His third anthology, Hinzebrand: Political Cartoons in Brine , was launched 27 November 2000 at Tilly’s by Margo Kingston (online political reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald ) and at the New International Bookshop, Trades Hall, Melbourne, on 8 December 2000 by comedian Rod Quantock.

Hinze had original cartoons hung in the NMA’s annual political cartoon exhibition at Old Parliament House, Bringing the House Down , every year from 1996 to 2001. Australia Incorporated [Fires RU Pty Ltd], Rednecks [Pauline Hanson as bawdy version of Redheads matches], A nation says “sorry” and White high-gloss Australian history , published in the Repubican on 25 April 1997, 26 July 1997, 31 July 1997 and 25 April 1997 respectively, were exhibited in Bringing the House Down: 12 Months of Australian Political Humour (Canberra: National Museum of Australia/ Old Parliament House exhibition, 1997), cats 26, 48, 87, 88. Also in 2001 show with 2 cartoons. In 1998 he spoke at the annual OPH cartoon seminar re working as a freelance. That year he became the first freelance ever to be listed as a finalist for the Walkley Award for best cartoon, with The 'FU’ Holden Howard . (The winner was Rod Clement of the Australian Financial Review .) He gave a paper on middle-European (?) cartoons at the 2000 APSA conference, ANU, convened by Professor Marian Sawer. He was also included in the annual cartoon exhibition at the NMA, which replaced the OPH show in 2002.

Kerr, Joan
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