Born c.1931 at Mt Doreen, and a Warlpiri speaker, Dolly Daniels was 'boss’ for the Yawulyu or women’s ceremonies at Yuendumu. Her Dreamings were Warlukurlangu (Fire), Yankirri (Emu), Watiyawarnu (Acacia Seed), Yumpulykanji (Burrowing Skink) and Ngapa (Water). She began exhibiting with Warlukurlangu Artists at the first exhibition of Yuendumu paintings in 1985 at the Araluen Arts Centre in Alice Springs, and subsequently in exhibitions around Australia including Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Darwin and Brisbane. In 1987 her work was also included in special 'Karnta’ (Women’s) exhibitions in Adelaide, Sydney and Fremantle. She was part of the South Australian Museum’s Yuendumu – Paintings out of the Desert project and exhibition in March 1988, Mythscapes at the National Gallery of Victoria in 1989 and Lt é Australien at the Musée Fabre, Montepellier France in 1990. She travelled to New York as part of a party of Warlpiri artists who attended the Dreamings: Art of Aboriginal Australia exhibition. Her impressions of the visit are recorded in the film Market of Dreams . In 1991 she exhibited a collaborative work with Anne Mosey in Frames of Reference: Aspects of Feminism and Art , part of the Dissonance program celebrating 20 years of women’s art in Australia. Dolly also collaborated with Anne Mosey on an installation for the 1993 Biennale of Sydney. A leading personality in the Yuendumu community, Dolly was co-Chairperson (with Bronson Nelson ) of Warlukurlangu Artists, Chairperson of the Yuendumu Women’s Centre, a member of the Warlpiri Media Association and, with Lucy Kennedy and Bessie Sims , one of three women on the Yuendumu Council. Collections: National Gallery of Victoria, South Australian Museum; Australian Museum, Sydney.

Johnson, Vivien
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