painter, was born in South Australia. He studied in Adelaide and Sydney and was living in Kalgoorlie (Western Australia) sometime between 1894 and 1900. Exhibited in South Australia in 1898. Spent some time in Europe between 1900 and 1902 selecting works to be exhibited in the Australian Federal International Exhibition, Melbourne (November 1902-January 1903). In New Zealand from about September 1905 to 1907, where he exhibited in 1905 and 1907. Painted scenic views of NZ and the Murray River area, also of WA including the goldfields. Member of Royal Society of British Artists, exhibiting with it in 1909 and 1910. Extensive traveller. Died in Honolulu sometime before 1920.

Bonyhady calls him a minor Melbourne artist who painted landscapes with Aborigines and dead trees.

Exhibited [Royal] Artists Society of NSW, 1894.

'Mr E.W. Christmas, who showed at the Sydney Art Society’s exhibition some three years ago, is a regular contributor to the annual shows in Adelaide, and is represented in the collection of the National Art Gallery at Brisbane, will exhibit some of his newest works at the Equitable Building to-day. Mr Christmas has secured for his purpose a noble chamber on the ground floor, so that his pictures, which chiefly illustrate New Zealand scenery and [—-?] beauty of the Murray, are placed at an advantage. Mr Christmas makes his successes in many instances with sunset effects, which he interprets skilfully with an eye to the picturesque. Amongst the two score works now exhibited visitors will especially admire 'In the Prime of Summer Time’ (no.20), showing a glassy pool on the Flinders Ranges, with much carefully executed detail in waving grasses in the foreground, and a remarkably clever effect by which the glowing sunset dyes the distant purple hills with orange fruits that suggest the lingering warmth of the departing day. 'At Eventide’ (no.22) ... 'One of the Glories of Fjordland, New Zealand’ (no.21) ... 'Porter’s Pass’ (no.27). Altogether this exhibition … which remains open to-morrow and Friday, will well repay inspection” ( Sydney Morning Herald 3 November 1897, p.1).

His paintings on show Town Hall, Hobart (see Mercury , 9 February 1898, p.2, for long description).

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