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illustrator, was an American employed as senior ilustrator on The Picturesque Atlas of Australasia . He arrived in Sydney with two other Yankee illustrators, W.T. Smedley (who did views and occasional street scenes like Schell) and W. C. Fitler, plus engravers including Horace Baker. An original watercolour by Schell, Mrs.Todd’s Family Home , Easter 1888, which was offered for sale by Masterpiece Fine Art Gallery in September 2000, cat.38 ($2,500), looks like a Picturesque Atlas drawing. So does his undated watercolour and gouache, Circular Quay with Campbell’s Wharf , that was offered at Christie’s Australia, Melbourne, 7 May 2003, lot 375 (est. $1,800-2,500).

When Phil May returned to England in 1888 Schell accompanied him. The Grafton Gallery 'Exhibition of Australian Art in London’ 1898 included F.B. Schell (no address), cat.250, 'Junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers, N.S.W.’, cat.254, 'Hamilton Reach, Brisbane’, cat. 255, 'Sydney Harbour, N.S.W.’ in a section of original drawings for “The Picturesque Atlas” of Australasia, lent by the Trustees of Sydney Gallery.

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