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Printmaker and sculptor, makes prints by beginning with aquatinting the entire plate and using scraper or burnishing tool to reveal image, usually a parable of human folly, eg Gasbags 1990 (later used as controversial Perth Festival poster), Ramshackle 1995, Bum Steer 1996 (ill. Timms) and Coat of Arms (ill. Timms) and Moose 1997 (carrying city on its antlers). In 1999 he first exhibited his series of prints, A dark city narrative , at Australian Galleries, Melbourne – large, complex parables of contemporary city life crammed with incident and his most ambitious works to date (2001). They offer 'a sense that what’s happening in the world is overwhelming and uncontrollable. They’re definitely more despairing works than the others. But they also convey, I think, the same sense of bafflement and wonder about the things people do, including myself of course.’ The prints include Love Street (ill. Timms) and Illuminated City (detail, Art Monthly cover).

In 2001 Ricardo was sharing a studio with fellow printmakers Peter Lancaster and Bill Young in an old house in the Melbourne industrial suburb of Brooklyn, just under the Westgate Bridge.

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