cartoonist, was born in Hobart. The ML Bulletin collection contains 5 cartoons of 1921-33 and 44 caricatures by Quayle, mostly sporting subjects. He also did cartoons for Fairplay (Sydney sports paper), Aussie and Humour (syndicated cartoon collections), including covers. Quayle created Connie , Sydney’s first daily strip, for the Telegraph Pictorial . He worked as political cartoonist on the Adelaide News for 12 years, where he also created the comic strips Dora and Perce the Punter (sporting). Probably in the late 1930s (when still employed as a newspaper cartoonist in Adelaide) he visited Hermannsburg from Adelaide and 'drew a picture of Albert Namatjira marching ahead in a raincoat, perfectly dry, and these poor three individuals [Schultz, author of Destined to Perish originally published in German, Lees, a driver, and Quayle] walking behind all sodden with a wet blanket around their shoulders and raid dripping off their hats! It was terribly funny to think that this “stone age” Aborigine going out with a coat, with these three knowledgeable people drowning’, Schulz wrote in his book, published 1938 (quoted Hardy p.157. His cartoons may have influenced Hermannsburg boys at the time, who tried drawing cartoons, although it is more likely that the influence was Jack Gardner . Quayle returned to Sydney in 1947 in order to join Truth and the Daily Mirror . He drew Perce the Punter for the Daily Telegraph in 1960-62, then freelanced.

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