painter, illustrator and photographic colourist, was born in Devonshire. He had worked on the London Graphic and Sketcher before coming to Victoria, probably with the goldrush. In Melbourne he worked first as a colourist for Johnstone, O’Shannessy and Co., then as an illustrator on the Illustrated Australian News succeeding O.R. Campbell. His oil paintings are mainly landscapes, eg Roadside Stall, 1876 , 1888 (NLA) and Summertime 1887 (ill. Sotheby’s Fine Australian Paintings 22-23 April 1996, cat.283), and his illustrations seem all to be topographical. Cattle Grazing 1885, a b/w wash painting, was offered for sale at $1,500 by Bridget McDonnell Gallery in July-August 2000 (not illustrated). McDonnell notes that he was a regular exhibitor at the Black and White exhibitions held by the Victorian Academy of Arts in the 1880s.

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