Curzona Frances Louise (Lily) Allport the daughter of a prominent Tasmanian family, was born in Hobart in 1860, the daughter of Morton Allport, and the grand-daughter of Mary Morton Allport. She first began to paint and draw when she was a girl in Hobart, but soon left for Europe. By 1890 records have her studying in Paris, sharing a studio with her cousin, Charles Ritchie.
She then moved to London, where she studied under Hubert Vos, taking classes at his Chelsea studio.
On 17 June 1891 the Hobert Mercury recorded that she had been successful in having work hung at the Royal Academy in London.
She returned to Tasmania in 1923, and the Hobart Mercury of 14 January 1924 notes that she had successfully exhibited 'on the line’ at the Royal Academy as well as the Paris Salon. She also held a solo exhibition at the Masonic Hall in Hobart in March 1924.
By 1933 she was living in Hobart, and exhibiting at the annual Art Society exhibition, where her pastel portrait was praised as “an adornment of the exhibition”.
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