comic strip artist, commercial artist and painter, grew up in the country in the late 1920s and the Depression years so had little chance to exercise his interest in drawing. A Rehabilitation Training course following war service allowed him to 'escape from small town bondage’. At Sydney Technical College (now UTS) he supplemented his income by drawing comic books for the local market 'in treadmill conditions’, then he went into advertising. Thirty years later Sydney’s Daily Telegraph accepted his comic strip Wolfe . It ran for six years until replaced by a syndicated super-hero from the USA. From 1970 to 1983 he taught Graphic Design part-time at Sydney Tech. He also painted. From c.1973 he began drawing Ginger Meggs , following the death of Ron Vivian, Bancks’s successor. He never drew gag cartoons.

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Kerr, Joan
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