Rohan Nicol is a jeweller and metalsmith who is especially interested in applying his skills to industrial design.

Based in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Nicol makes handmade prototypes in materials and forms that lend themselves to production elsewhere. For some items he makes the tooling in order to form them; for others he is able to outsource that task. In some cases he has used a computer modelling program and emailed renderings of his designs to a company in Melbourne which has supplied him with low resolution 3D prints (models).

Nicol has also researched models of successful practices. For instance he has pursued an interest in how regional areas like the Riverina, with many existing skilled rural industries, might benefit from applying these skills in cultural and creative economies.

Nicol’s work was included in the 2007 Powerhouse Museum exhibition 'Smart works: design and the handmade’.

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