Photographer and diarist, was an Irish woman who had begun taking photographs as a hobby at the age of 14. She was a qualified dentist in Aylesbury in 1918 when she met E.W.P (Pearson) Chinnery, then in England with the Flying Corps. They married in April 1919 and lived at Cambridge where her husband was a research student. She attended some lectures and continued her photography. In Melbourne in 1920 she prepared for the tropics visiting people like Judge Hubert Murray and Ellis Rowan, then she and her husband went to Port Moresby, where Chin had a job with the New Guinea Copper Mining Company. Sarah learnt to ride and horse and build furniture. A hand-coloured photograph of the house (completed 1933) on Malaguna Road where they later lived is in NLA News July 1998, p.8, along with photographs of natives and native ceremonies.

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