Terry Dorrough (1939–) was born in Toowoomba, Queensland and graduated with a B.Arch from the University of NSW in 1962. As a student, he worked part-time for Loder and Dunphy, then worked full time for McConnel Smith & Johnson from 1962 to 1965. In 1966, he went to London and worked for Yorke Rosenberg and Mardell, then returned to Sydney in 1967 to set up his own practice. In 1968, he won a Planning Research Centre scholarship to complete a Master of Town and Country Planning at the University of Sydney (graduated 1970). He won a variety of prizes for his housing designs, including the Malley’s Today’s Home competition, 1961; the Daily Telegraph project house competition, 1965 (shared first prize); the SYBIC Homes holiday house competition, 1970; the Age system-built house competition, 1971 and the SYBIC Homes house design competition, 1976 (shared first prize). He won NSW RAIA merit awards in 1980 (Paddington house), 1982 (Avoca Beach house) and 1988 (Palm Beach house) as well as the Victorian Chapter Bronze Medal and Citation for project houses, 1978, and the NSW Blacket Award for a house on Dangar Island, 1999. As well as housing, he has designed public and oommunity buildings, resorts, hotels and restaurants, and community plans.
—Dorrough, Terry. 2004. CV notes to Davina Jackson


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