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sculptor, potter, printmaker and writer, was active in the Sydney Women’s Liberation movement in the 1960s. She had two ceramic works in the New Age feminist art exhibition 'To the Goddess’ at Ultimo in the 1980s – a set of blue ceramic turtle singers and acolytes arranged around a pink goddess, and a giant suspended ceramic/stone object about incest (with a photocopied handout about its personal relevance to her life).

In the 1990s Bellamy lived outside Braidwood, NSW, running her Mongarlowe Studio Workshops, making sculptures, ceramics and prints. She began holding annual Open Studio Weekends in 1995 (the '7th Annual Visitor Open Days’ were held on 23-25 November 2001). In September 2001 she exhibited her new 'Colour Forms in Music’ (works on paper) at Tilleys CafĂ©, Lyneham ACT. The series of prints 'explored the relationship of light and visual forms to sound and music, each print intended to be read as a Graphic Score which theoretically could be played. Working off Gertrude Stein’s exercises in the Continuous Present and Serialism, and combining ideas from early modernist avant garde New Music, atonalism and creative synaesthesia, the work was produced as an associate event of the National Festival of Women’s Music’ (flyer invitation to opening on 12 September and to annual opening of her studio, 23-25 November 2001).

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