Introductions 1974

Kennedy, Peter


Introductions, 16mm colour film and video formats, 45 minutes, 1974 – 76Peter Kennedy
“Introductions” is, in part, a synthesis of those instances of radical thought identified by Peter Kennedy in his interviews with the artist subjects of his film ‘Other than Art’s Sake’, 1973-1974, combined with his own, evolving, concepts of a socially directed art practice.
Begun in 1974 and completed in 1976, ‘Introductions’ documents Kennedy’s creative interaction with four recreational groups – a hot rod club, an embroidery guild, a bushwalking club, and a marching girl club – each club representing a different cultural context and social experience either within Sydney’s inner suburbs or, as was then the case, that city’s more marginalised, outer western suburbs.
The film, or video as presented in a gallery exhibition, presents aspects of each groups’ activities, while also explaining the intention of the project in documentary mode …