Past and Present. National Women's Art Exhibition 1995

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Riggall, Louie, b. 1868
Riggall was an academic painter who enjoyed early success in her career both in Melbourne and Paris.
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Dodd, Margaret, b. 1941
As a student Margaret Dodd exhibited in the first Funk Ceramic exhibition in San Francisco in 1968. After returning to Australia she became a major ...
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McMahon, Marie, b. 1953
In 1984 Marie McMahon created 'You are on Aboriginal Land,' screenprint poster. The work is held at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery in Victoria.
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Newmarch, Ann Foster, b. 1945
Painter, printmaker, sculptor and lecturer, studied SA Teachers' College. Member Print Council of Australia.
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Lazarus, Valerie, b. 1901
Known as a painter, a large number of her oil paintings are portraits and landscapes of the Sydney area.
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Whiting, Ada, b. 1858
Oil and watercolour painter and miniaturist, was born in Hobart, Tasmania. She was a rapid worker, painting up to three miniatures a week, landscapes, flowers ...
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Watson, Judy, b. 1959
Watson is a Brisbane-based Waanyi artist who works across a range of mediums to explore familial, historical, political and environmental aspects of Australian Indigenous heritage ...
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Traill, Jessie, b. 1881
Painter and etcher, an outstanding feature of her life was her extensive travelling between France, England and Australia. She received much praise for her etchings ...
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Temin, Kathy, b. 1968
Kathy Temin uses synthetic fur to cloak her sculptures of memory and loss, using soft materials against hard geometric form.
Updated Dec. 20, 2020
Teague, Violet, b. 1872
A painter and printmaker, spent many of her informative years in Europe. While receiving numerous accolades and awards for her artistic practice, she was the ...
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Norriss Tait, Bess, b. 1878
A miniaturist and watercolourist. In London she was renowned for her miniatures and exhibited them at the New Salon in Paris and the Royal Academy ...
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Stokes, Constance, b. 1906
Stokes' art shows her interest in the human form, in particular the female figure. Her powerful nude female studies are beyond the erotic or decorative, ...
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Staunton, Madonna, b. 1938
Madonna Staunton, who spent all her working life in Brisbane, was best known for her precise, assemblages and collages, but she also painted. Her works ...
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Stannage, Miriam, b. 1939
Conceptual artist concerned with the politics of representation, appropriation and particularly photography, working frequently with text, found images and assemblage.
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Rrap, Julie, b. 1950
Julie Rrap works in the mediums of photography, painting, sculpture, performance and video and focuses upon representations of the body, in particular the female body ...
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Robertshaw, Freda Rhoda, b. 1916
Painter of neoclassical figure paintings and landscapes, Robertshaw knew lean times as a commercial artist, exhibited with the Society of Artists, the Royal Art Society ...
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Rix Nicholas, Hilda, b. 1884
Painter born in Ballarat in 1884 who studied in Melbourne London and Paris. Her European and Moroccan works were met with critical acclaim in Australia, ...
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Rea, , b. 1962
r e a is an artist whose works across a number of art forms and new-media interdisciplinary arts practices.
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Preston, Margaret, b. 1875
Margaret Preston specialised in still life subjects, seeking to reinvent the genre, with inspiration from Aboriginal art and Australian native flowers, but she also made ...
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