Past and Present. National Women's Art Exhibition 1995

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Stokes, Constance, b. 1906
Stokes' art shows her interest in the human form, in particular the female figure. Her powerful nude female studies are beyond the erotic or decorative, ...
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Serle, Dora Beatrice, b. 1875
Painter and china painter, Serle was active for over 70 years in Geelong and Melbourne though she studied briefly in England. She received most critical ...
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Dent, Aileen Rose, b. 1890
Painter who studied at the National Gallery School in Melbourne from 1909-1916. Known for her portraiture, among Dent's better known sitters is Jean Burns, Australia's ...
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Teague, Violet, b. 1872
A painter and printmaker, spent many of her informative years in Europe. While receiving numerous accolades and awards for her artistic practice, she was the ...
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Wilson, Dora L., b. 1883
Best known for her street scenes showing figures in dappled light, Dora Wilson was also a printmaker who was awarded a silver medal for the ...
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Gude, Eleanor, b. 1915
An accomplished painter from an early age, Eleanor Gude, or Nornie as she was known, took up her studies at the age of 15 before ...
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Waterhouse, Phyl, b. 1917
Painter. Painted portrait of Vida Goldstein in 1944. Partner (later wife) of painter Charles Bush.
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Lee, Lindy, b. 1954
Lindy Lee is an Australian artist of Chinese heritage. Her art began with a critique of the reproductions of European art that give Australians a ...
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Cusack, Edith E., b. 1865
Painter and art teacher. Resident of Sydney, New South Wales.
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Davidson, Bessie, b. 1879
Originally from Adelaide and a student and friend of Margaret Preston, Bessie Davidson was a very successful artist. She spent the majority of her life ...
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Macqueen, Mary, b. 1912
Female watercolour painter and printmaker from Melbourne whose landscapes and pictures of animals have been collected by numerous institutions across the country.
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Burke, Frances, b. 1907
Burke founded Australia's first textile screen-printing business, Burway Prints, Melbourne 1937. Established and managed "New Design" retail outlet, founder member Society of Designers for Industry. ...
Updated April 25, 2020
Boyd, Emma Minnie, b. 1858
Often remembered as the matriarch of the artistically gifted Boyd family, Emma Minnie was an artist in her own right, exhibiting prolifically in Australia, and ...
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Bezor, Annette, b. 1950
Annette Bezor was one of the new wave feminist artists to emerge in Adelaide in the 1970s. Her characteristic paintings were studies of voluptuously beautiful ...
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Swan, Louisa J.
Early 20th century Tasmanian painter and craftworker.
Updated Jan. 29, 2020
Stoner, Dorothy, b. 1904
Dorothy Stoner supported her career as an artist by teaching art in Tasmania, but she constantly looked to Melbourne, Sydney and Europe for new ways ...
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Lovett, Mildred Esther, b. 1880
Painter, pastellist, lithographer, sculptor and china painter, born in Hobart Lovett succeeded Sydney Long as Julian Ashton's assistant teacher in Sydney. An influential teacher, her ...
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Holmes, Edith Lilla, b. 1893
Painter, she spent most of her life in Tasmania, but also exhibited in Melbourne where her work was popular in the 1930 and 1940s.
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