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Lynn, Elwyn , b. 1917
Artist, critic and cultural warrior Elwyn (Jack) Lynn was one of the most influential figures in mid-twentieth century Australian art. In the 1950s as his ...
Updated Sept. 2, 2021
Coleing, Anthony John, b. 1942
Tony Coleing first came to national prominence as a sculptor but he has also produced over 200 prints since the 1960s, Coleing has exhibited at ...
Updated May 10, 2021
Bishop, Tony, b. 1940
Tony Bishop has exhibited sculpture and drawing since 1965, participating in many Australian sculpture triennials, prizes and surveys. He is a past Board Member of ...
Updated May 10, 2021
Lendon, Nigel, b. 1944
Nigel Lendon has developed a dual career as a sculptor whose work tended towards minimalism, and as a curator and researcher based at the Australian ...
Updated May 10, 2021
Dawson, Janet, b. 1935
Painter, printmaker and designer working in the mid twentieth century. She studied at the National Gallery School in the 1950s and joined the stable of ...
Updated Dec. 11, 2020
Ball, Sydney, b. 1933
The Adelaide born Sydney Ball was a painter of pure colour and abstract form, and one of the first of the post-World War II artists ...
Updated May 3, 2020
Treweeke, Vernon, b. 1939
Vernon Treweeke has been called "the father of psychedelic art in Australia" and was a close associate of Brett Whiteley, who he had known from ...
Updated Sept. 30, 2019
Stringer, John, b. 1937
John Stringer was the innovative exhibition officer at the National Gallery of Victoria who was the guiding spirit behind The Field of 1968. Later he ...
Updated July 22, 2019
Jordan, Col, b. 1935
One of the innovators in hard edge optical painting, who was also an influential teacher of generations of artists.
Updated June 5, 2019
Dunn, Noel, b. 1933
Noel Dunn was one of the artists selected for The Field, 1968.
Updated June 5, 2019
Wight, Normana, b. 1936
Painter, printmaker and weaver whose diverse practice includes portraits with flowers and combining tapestry with digital media.
Updated May 4, 2019
Noritis, Harald, b. 1927
Along with John White and Tony McGillick, Harald Noritis was one of the founders of Sydney's Central Street Gallery.
Updated Feb. 17, 2019
Meadmore, Clement, b. 1929
Well known as a sculptor, Meadmore began his career as a designer. His furniture was sold at Marion Hall Best’s showrooms and his lighting design ...
Updated Feb. 8, 2019
Paramor, Wendy, b. 1938
Wendy Paramor was the only woman painter and sculptor to flourish in the hard edge colour field abstractionist Central Street. She died young, of cancer, ...
Updated Sept. 24, 2018
Leach-Jones, Alun, b. 1937
Alun Leach-Jones was one of the generation of artists who helped define Australian colourfield art in the 1960s. Hie first came to prominence exhibiting in ...
Updated Aug. 13, 2018
McGillick, Tony, b. 1941
A colour field painter who was also one of the founders and directors of Central Street Gallery in Sydney.
Updated Aug. 11, 2018
Christmann, Gunter, b. 1936
Gunter Christmann was one of the group of young artists who exhibited at Central Street in Sydney in the 1960s.
Updated Jan. 4, 2018
Watkins, Dick, b. 1937
Sydney-born painter, who occasionally attended art classes in the 1950s. He came under the influence of New York School abstraction and emerged as a major ...
Updated Jan. 4, 2018
Updated Sept. 29, 2017
Raft, Emanuel, b. 1938
The Egyptian born Emanuel Raft brought a cosmopolitan perspecive to the way he approached painting, sculpture and design. He was also a teacher and mentor ...
Updated Sept. 29, 2017
Oldfield, Alan, b. 1943
Alan Oldfield’s early work was characterised by crisp clean abstract paintings which combined a hedonist sensibility with the austerity of hard edge abstraction. His later ...
Updated Aug. 4, 2017
Rooney, Robert, b. 1937
In the 1960s Melbourne artist became well known for his lively hard edge abstract paintings which were based on images discovered on cereal packets. Later ...
Updated Aug. 4, 2017
Burn, Ian, b. 1939
Internationally influential late 20th century Geelong raised conceptual artist. Central to the Art & Language movement.
Updated Aug. 4, 2017
White, John, b. 1930
John White is a New Zealand born painter who exhibited hard edge abstract paintings with Sydney's Central Street Gallery.
Updated June 16, 2017
Szabo, Joseph, b. 1932
Joseph Szabo was part of a new generation of European artists who helped transform Australia's cultural life in the decades after World War II.
Updated June 16, 2017