Peter Halas arrived in Sydney from Hungary in 1956 and married Yvonne in 1960. Together they established Seafolly Swimwear in 1975 to capture the essence of Australian beach culture. The first customer invoiced was Myer. Halas recalls, “Seafolly was the first to introduce Aerobic wear to Australia when the Jane Fonda exercise craze began. We were the first to offer, and successfully sell, the new type of leotards and leggings.”
Peter’s son Anthony joined in 1996, by this stage the company had many private labels apart from Seafolly. When Anthony took over as Managing Director in 1998 and it was decided to close down all except Seafolly brand. The strategy paid off and 12 years later Seafolly had grown 14 times bigger, having a dominant 35% of the market.
By 2011 Seafolly had 25 stores around Australia and has gone international by opening stores in Singapore, and looking for opportunities for other locations around the world, with international sales to all parts of Europe, Scandinavia, the USA and the East is constantly growing.


Jenni Hagedorn
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