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Recent discussion

  • fulleg June 28, 2012 re SARA LINDSAY- two records- one has bio data- the other has a PHM image. I've put the bio with PHM image in this folder but not sure is that is correct - it has saralindsay-1 ( so it may mess with PHM if tis is the one we merge. -??
  • boltoo Aug. 23, 2012 Thanks fulleg, Good to have a heads up. I'll make sure we merge to the correct record.
  • fulleg Aug. 27, 2012 Hi Liv. I think we have 6 J Cambells for maybe three artists. 2 x birthdtae 1855 and 1802.. Can't get my head around it now. here is search link for your/my note ;-)
  • fulleg Nov. 5, 2012 Need to double check- William Gould (1803) William Gould ( 1839) father and son getting mixed. dupes of both.
  • jpearce June 11, 2013 John Boscoe and John Bosco Tipiloura are the same person.
    • fishel June 15, 2013 Thanks very much Judith - I'll merge the two records asap.
  • fulleg Aug. 5, 2014 the Victoria Lynn duped bio. victorialynne-1 has a locked bio. It is also the more substantial record- thus it stays.
  • Mlmcd6051 Aug. 26, 2014 I think entries for 'Grey-Smith, Guy, b. 1913' and 'Grey-Smith, Guy Edward, b. Wagin, WA' could be combined. According to the recent 'Guy Grey-Smith: Art as Life' exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Guy Grey-Smith was both a painter and a potter.
  • Mlmcd6051 Aug. 26, 2014 I think the entries for 'Foulkes-Taylor, David, b. 1929' and "David Foulkes-Taylor b. 1929' could be combined
  • Mlmcd6051 Aug. 26, 2014 The entries for 'Howard Hamilton Taylor b. 1918 Hamilton, VIC' and 'Howard Taylor b. 1918 Hamilton, Vic.' could be combined
  • riddle Oct. 5, 2014 There's one Anne Graham entry which links to associates of both the Melbourne-based painter (a.k.a. Annemarie Graham) and the Sydney/Newcastle-based conceptual artist
  • riddle Oct. 5, 2014 This will need to be checked before a potential duplicate entry is made: was the 1920s illustrator Edith Collins the same person as Edith 'Michael' Collins, the designer who married Rah Fizelle?
  • riddle Oct. 5, 2014 Are Edwina Wrobelewsky and Edwina Wrobelewsky the same person?
    • riddle Oct. 5, 2014 Sorry, autocorrect in action. Are Edwina Wrobelewsky and Edwina Wrobel the same person?
  • riddle Oct. 6, 2014 Another confusion: some of the associates of the artist J. Salvana have been linked to his father's non-artist entry 'John Salvana'
  • riddle Oct. 7, 2014 Another possible confusion: it is not clear, although circumstantially probable, whether the Sharon West listed as an associate of 'Turbo' Brown and the Sharon West who exhibited with the Women's Art Register in the 1990s are the same person.
  • riddle Oct. 8, 2014 There was a black and white artists entry for a 'Patsy Gamble': this should actually be 'Betsy Gamble', so a duplicate has been unintentionally created.
  • riddle Oct. 11, 2014 There's a link from Julian Ashton to 'Collingridges'; this seems to be intended for brothers George and Arthur Collingridge.
  • riddle Oct. 22, 2014 The entry for Robert Barnes (b 1947) appears to include a biography for a 19th century artist.
  • fulleg Jan. 21, 2015 the entry for Andrew Brook is really BROOKE ANDREW . Andrew Brook details need be merged with the more comprehensive Brooke Andrew record
  • fulleg Jan. 21, 2015 can't wait till we can edit these post. Brook without an E. Doh! this is the correct record.
  • boglem Sept. 2, 2018 Phyllis Sykes Shillito and Phyllis Shillito should be merged, good info on both citations.
  • boglem July 1, 2022 two entries on John Rodriquez.

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